3 Reasons Why You Are Still Struggling To Be Successful.


We all at some point in life had gone through our struggles and had come so far that we can claim it now as a success.

But for some, it’s like a never-ending journey and are struggling for like a decade and still can’t claim anything big.

But why on this Holy earth, The list of these successful and achievers are just handful?

Why can’t everyone achieve what he/she is after?

What stops them to claim success?

Well, the reasons can vary from person to person as if why they are still on the losing side?

But, 3 extremely common reasons which can be found I guess in 99% cases are:

  1. Struggling with the same thing again and again, breaks the willpower and motivation of the person and thereby results in poor decision-making to evolve, manipulate or accelerate the struggle in the right direction.
  2. The act of never getting satisfied with what you have can also become the cause of failures.
  3. Desiring unwanted and unnecessary things thereby wasting time and energy.

Now let’s try to understand these points in bit more detail in order to fill empty blanks that can help us to achieve our goal.

Struggling with the same thing again and again…

Failed attempts are directly related to negativity as we can see even in our daily lives that a continual effort to get something builds up our expectation around the thing and when the outcome is not as we desired we start feeling deprived and eventually lose our willpower and confidence in the thing and when it keeps on repeating with every new try, we get disheartened and as a result negative thoughts start striking us as if

We will understand ways to overcome this critical situation as we proceed. For now let’s move on to next.

The act of never getting satisfied with what you have…

Being inquisitive or curious is a good thing but never getting settled to one idea or solution can put you back in a struggling mode as there cannot be any possibility that in every single case you will find your desired solution.

So it’s better to be more practical by implying one solution at a time with a bit of experience and analysis to come out with the best alternative or solution.

Desiring unwanted and unnecessary things…

This 3rd point is very vital in terms of “choices that we make to reach our skies”. Whatever goal or ideas we have should have a  logical foundation as if

This point needs a very high-quality brainstorming as any naive decision can waste the precious belongings that he/she won’t be able to recycle again and that is none other The Time and The Energy.

So before setting any goal or finalizing any idea, do a full research on it and if possible pen down the highlights of your ideas or goal and discuss it with someone more experienced from the same field.

And as I told, we will find some more ways to overcome negativity, so for that, I had prepared an interesting article on it.

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Mridul Koul

Mridul Koul is a successful software professional and the founder of Crazy4Success.com who genetically engraved with a great leadership quality. He has failed many times before claiming this identity by his disciplinary and passionate attempts and believes in helping and motivating people by his philanthropic Midas touch.

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