4 Proven Steps To Transform Your Weaknesses into Strengths.


Considering yourself as weak in this modern society is no-less than cursing yourself.

But “what makes a weak think that he is weak?” and “what makes a strong think he is strong?“.

You can probably find some fixes for it but I am sure answer is still a mystery.

But wait! What if I say the answer we are looking for is not at all a mystery but just another Unaccepted answer which has been moved to recycle bin of your brain.

Yes! The answer is known to every single friend or family you are familiar with but still, they will claim that they don’t know. strange?

Let me tell you, what is it and then we will brainstorm on it as “why it is unaccepted and what happens to them who accepts them?“.

Well, the answer is none other than your “MINDSET“.

Everything in the world you see or hear is perceived by your brain and with those perceptions, you create a story around the thing and put it into the three secret chambers of your brain i.e.;

  1. Helpful
  2. Useless
  3. Doesn’t matter


Now, this is the place which creates a boundary between the weaker and the stronger.

Weaker don’t bother about these chambers so, without any much care and calculation, he just drops the things into these chambers.
Example: Some coder (Programmer) with an experience of 7 years still struggling to write some basic algorithm because from the very beginning instead of polishing his skills he was busy in copying the code from online resources.

Whereas the stronger very carefully choose his chamber as he knows if by any means he made a mistake of dropping the useful thing either in “Useless Chamber” or “Doesn’t Matter Chamber“, the result can be against him thereby making him stand in the row of weak.

So, things which we consider useless can be helpful like reading books, exercising, meeting people, respecting elders, exploring new places and so on.

Always remember one basic rule of this material nature:

The only way to stand a chance in this material world is to change.

Change is the rule of our mother nature so whether one like it or not, one has to introduce himself to this change else things stand against him.

I know changing mindset is not that easy as it sounds. But no-one over here is telling you to do this in one go.

You have to practice it to get it just like for any other skill.

And the 4 proven steps to change your mindset are:

You have to see the need.

What thing is making you feel uneasy? If convenient you can skip the part. But if there is no other option but to do it or accept it, then you have to first make up your mind that you have to learn it.

Collect all resources to learn it.

In this step, you have to start investigating as if “where you are lagging?” and “what things are needed to overcome it?“.

Write a schedule for it.

Once you have assembled everything. So, now the time has come when you should write a schedule or timetable for it as if “At what time and how much time I will allow it?“. This part is very vital as it will decide how much you are sincerer to do it.

Discipline and Practice.

Once the setup is done, now it’s time to launch.

Remember this is the most crucial part of all the steps as this step will decide in the end which side you are finally in(Weaker or Stronger).

Only this step alone can decide whether you should be given a new chance by yourself to prove your stronger side or you should just quit in-between like any other loser.

Be very convicted about this step and don’t forget to keep revising yourself in-between the training to know whether you are on the right path or not.

With these fewer but “Useful” steps, you can change your destination and can stand right in front of those stronger guys who you treat as your role models. BINGO!

And Remember:


Mridul Koul

Mridul Koul is a successful software professional and the founder of Crazy4Success.com who genetically engraved with a great leadership quality. He has failed many times before claiming this identity by his disciplinary and passionate attempts and believes in helping and motivating people by his philanthropic Midas touch.

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