4 Things You Must Know About Yourself


We all at some point in life come across such situation where we get puzzled while making some life-changing decisions either for our self or for our dear ones. And no matter what or how many calculations we apply we still most of the time opt for the wrong ones and for whom we repent our whole life in guilt.

 So, how can one be sure with his decision-making attribute when someone gets caught in a traffic jam of their mind?

To avoid such traps one should know some basic things about oneself which will otherwise impact his/her decisions.

So, let’s go through these points that one should know about or should ask to himself/herself:

1) Who am I?

2) What things make me happy or satisfied?

3) What are my capabilities?

4) How can I transform these capabilities to achieve Happiness or  Satisfaction which can lead me to my success?


Now let’s focus on our answers and try to find what these points mean.

The first question that you should be asking:

1) Who am I?
Answer:: The question looks very simple yet it is most difficult to crack.

The logic behind it is that this answer not only varies from person to person but it also opens a totally new discussion that we will try to understand as we proceed.

Now if we can take out some time for our own self and focus, we can understand our character, nature, preferences, and priorities like some are introvert some are extrovert, some like adventurous life, and some like cities 9-5 lifestyle while some prefer living in woods back in their hometown.

So, you see it’s very important that you should be clear about your choices and priorities and especially the environment you are living in as your environment impacts you in a “hell lot of ways you can think of”.

It can literally carve your whole identity to something that you can’t believe (Can be anything from a cold-blooded murder to a high-paying geek).  So surround yourself with like-minded people and if not possible then at least try to find some good company to go on with.

So before trying anything new, try to do some paperwork on yourself.

Moving to our next question which was:

2) What things make me happy or satisfied?

Answer:: Well the simplest answer can be anything that suits well with my lifestyle.

But wait it’s just the partial answer as above line can somehow make you happy but for sure satisfaction, part is not included in it.

So to get both in one go one should first limit his/her desires and should focus on their needs.

In this way by setting a difference between your wants and needs, you can slowly but with surety can be able to achieve happiness with satisfaction because needs can be fulfilled but desires are never-ending.

And always try to prioritize satisfaction over happiness as satisfaction has that calming and soothing effect that limits your greed’s and enhances your personality as a much better person and besides that satisfaction is permanent but happiness comes with an expiry date, just like grief.

3) What are my capabilities?

Answer:: If you go by me the way to find your capabilities is that the things that you do most in your day or if you are in professional life then it can be things that you miss or google most of the day.

It can be anything like from reading books to shopping.

Now the question rises how reading books or shopping can be my capabilities/skill.

The answer we will discuss in our coming next question.

Remember one thing always “That every single living entity is born with some special skill set”. Even the smallest insect-like cockroach has a capability to bear Apocalypse.

4) How can I transform these capabilities to achieve Happiness or  Satisfaction which can lead me to my success?

Answer::The answer we will continue from our previous answer like if you like reading books then you must be having some great control over vocabulary that can help generate income by becoming professional in content writing and similar can be applied in other different fields like a shopaholic must have some good tricks to bargain things out at a very affordable price which eventually can help him in becoming some great retail marketer or salesperson.

So remember:

The only fuel you need to run does not come from anywhere outside, it all comes from within.

So, by knowing only this much basic about oneself, one can easily become self-dependent and so can carve his/ her life in a more beautiful way than before.

 So, out of 4 which point you like the most and why?

Post your answers in the comment section.

Mridul Koul

Mridul Koul is a successful software professional and the founder of Crazy4Success.com who genetically engraved with a great leadership quality. He has failed many times before claiming this identity by his disciplinary and passionate attempts and believes in helping and motivating people by his philanthropic Midas touch.

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