6 Ways That Worked For Me To Become Richie Rich


Like everyone even I wanted to be rich and had tried like thousands of tips and tricks online to make money and my very first few months were like hell for me as I lost almost 5000$ and that too with no profit at last…:(

Actually, it all began when I subscribed some online blogs, for just something to read on daily basis and there I found or to be specific-as these blogs projected that nowadays people are making money from their home as a freelancer and that too in 6 figures in just a few weeks or months. They projected it like it is some pie cake. And so I fell into their trap like thousand others.

This thing started making me sick and aggressive that if making money online is that easy, then why the hell I am stuck with my underpaid job.

Without settling or brainstorming for once I quit my job without informing anyone and went on trying these so-called easy money making tricks.


And only after few weeks, I realized that I had committed a crime by quitting the job as nothing has been achieved till now as claimed by these blogs, only a loss of thousands and thousands of dollars. But then just to prove myself before my family and the society, I decided that I will not switch back to the job and will explore my own ways.

 I made this option as my only option. And then the things start turning around.

I explored and learned new ways, tricks, technologies which finally helped me to overcome my financial situations.

And now I am sharing the same with you people. It has nothing to with anyone’s opinion or advice.

Here where I started from:


It was the first step that I took after so many failures and with its launch, I side by side started learning about digital marketing ways like SEO, Social Promotions, Affiliate Marketing etc.

If you want to earn money from blogging, then whether you like it or not you have to learn these online marketing tools or else get ready to pay for it.

Also, remember publishing your blog is very easy. I bought it from GoDaddy. The product is known as ‘WordPress Managed Website‘. It includes domain, WordPress hosting, storage, support etc.In short, everything is in there for a beginner. So, don’t hire anyone from outside to set up your blog.


This was the second thing that I tried and It proved to be the most profitable thing for me which started making money for me from the very beginning. But don’t just jump into it, otherwise, you will be lost forever in this virtual world. I am from a technical background, so for me, things were easy to understand compared to any normal guy out there. But again it’s not a rocket science just read and learn about it online. It will hardly take 3-5 days to understand the procedure as if how this crypto-currency works.

Some people know this Crypto-Currency Trading as BITCOIN TRADING.


It’s the third one on my list as it is related to the blogging thing. Afte few months of writing articles for my blog I started to see the confidence in myself for this writing technology and decide to write for others also. This is called content writing and with this label, I post myself on ‘feverr‘ using my friend’s credentials as he was active on it for a while and bang it worked for me. You can post any of your skill or talent over here and can easily start earning money. No need to learn anything new for it.


This is also related to blogging. Unlike Adsense for which your site needs to be well groomed to get listed on their good website book. Amazon affiliate or any other affiliate programs can help you to earn money from your site from the very beginning. Just make your content worth reading to get more organic traffic in order to get more clicks.

Others ways to earn money from this affiliate marketing is that you can directly share these affiliate links to your social profiles and can directly earn the commission only if one orders/buy from this link.

Also being the no 1, ‘Amazon Seller Central‘ has the potential to turn things around for any normal retailer out there like us.

You will be needing VAT/GST/TIN as per your region to get registered here and then simply buy things from ALIBABA or any other wholesaler either online or from your local market. Even you don’t have to find the store to keep stock, Amazon will do it for you(Amazon Fulfilled). For every sell, Amazon will take the commission just like any other mediator/third-party/broker will take.


This is again a brainy work but a thing worth your time, money and energy. You need to get registered with one the stockbrokers of your region and then by the time you get verified start learning about these candlestick charts and basic intraday tricks. Believe me, there are ways and some parameters that we can apply to these charts to book profit on a daily basis. Again don’t just do it without knowing, at least know the basics of it and one more thing,  you can find tons of free and paid intraday tips for your portfolio online. Try them also.

And Learning about these candlestick charts gives you the confirmation as if how much these tips are accurate. So, simply you could use these tips and your chart knowledge together to book the profit on a daily basis.


This is the way that I found myself. I started buying things from these used items stores online and then with a bit high margin(No renovation, as it is) I sold them on the same and the other used item online store and boom this also worked for me like some spell.

So, this is my journey from zero to 100 and I believe, pray and hope that you will find these options equally useful and please do comment below if you need any kind of help or some elaborate description of any of the above options.

Note: 1) You need to keep patience while learning these things. Telling you this as I lost it many times.

2) Keep checking this post, as I will be updating it with every new money-making idea that I encounter.

and remember:


Mridul Koul

Mridul Koul is a successful software professional and the founder of Crazy4Success.com who genetically engraved with a great leadership quality. He has failed many times before claiming this identity by his disciplinary and passionate attempts and believes in helping and motivating people by his philanthropic Midas touch.

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