Actual Reason Why We Can’t Always Be Happy

First of all let’s be clear here that happiness has nothing to do with wealth, health or any type of luxury. What I am asking here is about “Permanent Happiness“. A thing that can keep us happy and satisfied even in the hardest time of our life.

As seen that most of the population are after that has no meaning or connection with happiness. A guy begging out there for his daily survival can be much happier and relaxed compared to any Ferrari owner living next to us.

Basically, our hunt for temporary things and mimicry and following majority makes us stand nowhere. We actually don’t know what real happiness means? We just repeat what we see or hear from the ones who actually themselves don’t know what real happiness means and probably even they had made their mind just like you by seeing, hearing or imitating others. How many of you can actually claim that they had never been sad or depressed?

Real Happiness is something where sadness, tension, depression, pressure, stress actually don’t exist. And what we experience in our material life is not happiness but actually a HALT between two problems of our life.

In material life, it’s very hard to find real happiness but not impossible. Right mindset can actually keep you happy and ready for every up and down’s of your life.

Now first learn and remember this thing,  you cannot find permanent happiness by running after temporary material things. To find permanent happiness one should chase permanent things.

And harsh truth is that nothing in this world is permanent. Yes!. nothing. Not even your closest family, friends or your dearest love. Everything comes with an expiry date. Everything you ever love or know will sooner or later come to an end and that becomes the number reason for your miseries.

Start investing your valuable time and energy in something that will last for eternity. Stop following majority/crowd, so to stop suffer like them. In deep and in reality every member of this crowd is suffering from his own self.


Now, you might wonder what is this permanent thing or solution that can make us really happy. The answer might find strange to some material people out here but as they say:


Our religious scriptures have this answer embedded in it. Yes! our Scriptures. EXACTLY.

Our religious scriptures reveal how one can be forever happy and satisfied by following the given instructions or just by following the eternal being known as GOD in common.

The word GOD might sound irrelevant to many material guys out here and will think or tell that this is not the answer we were looking for. But in reality, this is the only answer.

This eternal being is the ultimate reservoir of pleasure with no limit, boundaries or expiry date. If one believes and follow him with all his love and sincerity, he never has to become dependent on any other material thing of this world again. And once you get free from the slavery of these material things you find real happiness.

All this eternal being want is pure love and devotion. Whatever you do in this material world try to offer it first to GOD with the feeling of expressing gratitude towards GOD that whatever you provide or take is all happening by your will and you are the only well-wisher of mine. So, whatever you take or give to me is accepted by me even if it feels wrong to me for now, but I know one thing for sure that in long run I will be benefited from it just like a mother punishes her son for his mischievous activities to make him realize about his wrongdoing. At that time the son might feel bad or sad about it but in long run, he will be benefited from it.

So, always remember:


Mridul Koul

Mridul Koul is a successful software professional and the founder of who genetically engraved with a great leadership quality. He has failed many times before claiming this identity by his disciplinary and passionate attempts and believes in helping and motivating people by his philanthropic Midas touch.

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