An 8-Year-Old New Money That Can Make You A Billionaire

If you are serious about making money in the real world, then the time has come. Wake up and start making some real passive income.

An 8-year-old technology will change your future forever and can make you stand right before your role model as his competitor.

This technology is not new to most of our readers here but definitely a new risk which is worth taking.

This technology is known as Virtual Currency commonly known as BITCOIN or CRYPTO-CURRENCY.

Yes! indeed in less than a decade, this currency has seen a height of over 2300% i.e it started with somewhere between $0.39 in 2009-2010 and now worth of $7392  approx and still no sign of stopping…

It is predicted by Experts, Technicians, and Researchers of this industry that bitcoin will be around $10000 by the end of 2018 and will touch the margin of $25000 with the coming of 2020.

Now some basic things that you should know before investing:

1) It was launched in 2009 by  Satoshi Nakamoto

2) It is not headed by any Country or any kind of government’s central banks.

3) Your Transactions and ledger sheet can be viewed on Block Chain(A Place where you can track your transactions). But no account details like Payee name, account holder name, place etc can be tracked.

3) Its Price depends mainly on two things:

a) It’s acceptability(Buy and Sell)

b) Mining(A technology similar to our physical currency printing).

4) Total of 21 Million bitcoin is to be mined. And till now 16 Million has been mined and is in circulation.

5)There are exchanges like Bitstamp, BitPanda, Gemini etc to do trading with these coins just like our stock market.

6) There are 4 common ways to earn money from these coins:

  • Trading(Refer Point 5.)
  • Mining(For this you need high-end hardware somewhere around $2500 to mine your coins + electricity charge+ Maintainance)
  • Wallet( You can either use Hardware wallet or some Online Wallets/apps to store your bitcoins just like you put your money in PayPal/digital wallets)
  • By selling Goods/services(You can download a browser called Tor browser and there you can see almost every transactions are done in bitcoins because Tor browser is mainly considered for an illegal selling and buying, which is commonly known as dark web.)

But this does not mean BITCOIN is used only for illegal activities. You can even buy AMAZON GIFT CARDS, BESTBUY, ITUNES, NIKE, DOMINOS AND MUCH MORE.


These are the some basic but vital information and ways to earn from Bitcoin. I had invested around 2 bitcoin back in September of 2016 which was around $630 and now you can calculate my profit in 2017.

Its price is going up every second. So, Don’t wait and start investing now!

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and remember:


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