Every Success Story Begins From Within


Almost every one of us had come across such personality whom we had seen grown all the way from zero to hundred and if you had noticed these people have their own perception about the life. They make their own rules and regulations and bend them as per their needs.

The reason is that they get inspiration from their inner-self not from the society or environment they live in. Rather the opposite happens, they attract the society to follow them.

A nice story about a farmer in South Africa who saw many of his friends become rich by discovering diamonds in the mines. It is a famous true story called  “Acres of Diamond”. The farmer sold his farms and went for searching his own diamond mines with the money he got from the sale. But he wasted his entire life wandering from one area to another without any success.Being disheartened he jumped into a river and drowned.

One day the man who had brought his farm was crossing a stream running on his land and had spotted a sudden flash of bright colors flashing from the bottom of the stream.He bent down and picked them up.It was a pretty curious looking stone, which he had never seen before. Thinking that it would look good on the mantelpiece, he took it home and didn’t think about it any further.

One day a visitor came to his home and picked up this stone lying on the mantelpiece and started examining it carefully. The visitor was astonished and told the farmer that it was the largest diamonds he had ever seen, perhaps the largest ever discovered. The farmer said that his stream was full of such stones. later the farm turned out to be one of the largest diamond mines in Africa.




If the first farmer had done searching in his own field instead of prospecting outside, he would have been one of the richest men in Africa.

This thing happens to most of us. Whenever we get caught by the trouble we try to seek the solution from outside instead of inside. Many times we get misguided by other’s suggestions which in return give rise to new trouble. Of Course, problems come in life. But remember, with every problem there comes a solution. This is the law of nature. You need to keep patience to explore the diamond of solution. Which is hidden somewhere inside your peaceful mind.

Always remember the old saying:


Because he knows the cause of the problem much deeper than others.

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Rahul Bhat

Rahul Bhat is Software Professional who by nature is a spiritual activist and has consumed many religious scriptures and believes in enlightening and healing people with his spiritual Midas touch.

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