Into the Billionaires mindset.

Changing and Challenging may sound similar but they can welcome a totally new dimension of opportunities depending on the choice you make.

One has to be very vigilant before choosing any of the above as these are not just another words from your dictionary. These are a whole new “Personality Development Course” in itself if one gets serious about it.

Yes, you read it right! These words can actually change the way “How you see this world?” either as Competition or as a Reform.

Now the thing is how one can be sure as if “which one to go for (Change or Challenge)?”.

One way can be that you can try both one by one and then can decide by your own.

But that is bit hectic and moreover risky as if in case your judgment fails to choose the right one, the results can be devastating in the end and probably you can get trapped in a mess where things will be like “the more you try to come out, the more you get in.”.

So, to avoid such traps, the best way is to take experience from the experts who already had tried both and can tell us which one to choose and that too with an explanation.

And these experts can be a defense military man, some guy from a terrorist group, any scientist, any psycho killer, any billionaire or some thug.

These all have their answers ready with them as of “how they had achieved or trapped where they are now?” in the form of their experiences.

But still, it will be you who has to make a choice which one to go based on their answers (experts experiences). So, choose wisely.

Let’s consider a common expert from above and I guess most of the people ended up here must be having a role model from a billionaire family. So let’s consider how they perceive this world.

So, now if you have seen most of the billionaires have one thing in common, they all failed in the beggining while shaping their ideas in reality as they stated in their autobiographies. 

Even some had claimed that they were not even sure “about the acceptance by the customer” and “how the market works?”

Then, why didn’t they quit? What was it that kept them them in the race?

It’s because they were not just desperate to make money out of it, they actually found the idea very convincing and they managed to convince themselves that this idea is not just another money making idea but perhaps it can be a path breaker and can start a totally new era if they kept working on this concept.

That is what I call Change. And because of this “Bring Change “character of theirs, they are able to sustain and make money till now.


Whereas challenge is a temporary thing that has a definite start and end point and will be expired once the challenge is targeted. And after that, you will be either aimless or will look for alternatives.

But as they say:


So, try to learn from their experiences and set your goal accordingly because I guess all we want is be a player who always wants to go that extra mile to witness the change.

And remember:



Now, which side do you prefer?

Waiting for your answers in the comment section.

Mridul Koul

Mridul Koul is a successful software professional and the founder of who genetically engraved with a great leadership quality. He has failed many times before claiming this identity by his disciplinary and passionate attempts and believes in helping and motivating people by his philanthropic Midas touch.

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    Hi Crazy4Success,

    I saw you tweeting about money and I thought I’d check out your website. I really like it. Looks like Crazy4Success has come a long way!

    Building a mailing list like you are is so important too, I think people would really like to be signed up to what you have to share.

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    • October 27, 2017 at 5:38 pm

      Thank you so much, John…These lines really mean a lot. Because of people like you, we get boosted to put our extra sweat.


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