Know What It Really Takes To Be A Successful Billionaire

Everyone wants to be successful in their own way and on their own conditions. But out of everyone only a few come out who actually claims their successes.

Where the rest of us give excuses and blame others for our failures every single day.

And every single day, what these successful people do?

They instead of blaming others for their failures they simply count, see and analyze their failures as experiences and instantly start improvising their ideas as per these experiences..

Now, even we can be among them and can start making use of our failures as our strengths.

There are 3 golden rules which every single successful billionaire follows, no matter what and how they present themselves from outside.

Without these 3, nothing can be achieved by anyone and if you want to be something, then these 3 golden rules must have to be in your rulebook.

So, here are 3 golden rules also known as Tripod Golden Rules for your “rulebook to success”:

1. Mindset

Mindset is the foundation of any thought, idea or activity. It is this mindset which shows the early signs of success or failure.It is cultivated either by the surroundings or people you live with or by your own perceptions and speculations.

It is therefore extremely important to surround yourself with high standards people or likeminded people.


2. Discipline

Discipline is the key ingredient for every attempt of life. Discipline transforms practice into perfection and perfection is something which is always rewarded high in any realm of life regardless of anyone’s cast, creed or color.


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3. Risk

The risk is something which everyone takes in their life but only a calculated risk taker wins in the ends. Every single successful billionaire out there has taken this “Calculated Risk” to claim his sky. No one among these billionaires can claim they had secured this success without any risk.

The only boundary between them and us is this “Calculated Risk“.  We simply take the risk without much calculations or backups, but these richy riches count every single step of theirs with a full proof backup plan in order to overcome any losses or tragedies.

So, Risk (Calculated Risk) is not just an important thing but it is THE MOST IMPORTANT THING to be among these billionaires.

Check This Link Below:

Forbes’ Billionaires Prove That Success Comes From Taking Risks

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Mridul Koul

Mridul Koul is a successful software professional and the founder of who genetically engraved with a great leadership quality. He has failed many times before claiming this identity by his disciplinary and passionate attempts and believes in helping and motivating people by his philanthropic Midas touch.

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