Knowing Your Ability Can Change Your Accountability

‘THE ALBERT EINSTEIN’: A man with Nobel prize for Theoretical physics. His famous  E=mc2, and the theory of relativity influence today’s modern science.

But was he a genius from his birth?

No. He spoke his first word at the age of four and talked fluently at the age of nine. Often in school, his teacher called him as a half-witted or stupid. He was considered as a slow learner. His first job was as a low paid clerk and it took 9 years for him to get a decent job in academics as a scientist. And the rest is history.

One of his famous quotes: 


If you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life in pain and guilt that it is stupid.



It simply tells us to think twice before measuring against some inappropriate standard.

In this world, everybody has different abilities as well as weaknesses. Like someone’s good at running, someone’s good at painting, someone’s good at memorizing, someones possesses good health. But we often concentrate in our weaknesses rather than our strengths.

We start comparing ourselves to someone else’s abilities and overlook what we are naturally gifted with, we take that one weakness as the center of our lives and live with sadness and guilt in our heart.

Do you know any human being who knows everything in this world? I know you will never find the answer. Every human being is enveloped with some weakness, and he himself makes his weakness as his limit. While there are some people who by their effort and hard work overcome their weaknesses. They never get defeated by their weaknesses and always find courage in their heart to make effort for a better path.

A beautiful verse from Sanskrit (A philosophical language of Hinduism): 

Swayam vidhata ho hai manav, antar mein vishwas jagao. Chalo na mitte padchinhon par apne raste aap banaao

So, stop being a fish who tries to climb a tree and embrace your fishiness. Start discovering your natural abilities and defeat your weakness with hard work and determination. Master your strength and you will cross every hurdle in your life. Definitely, weakness is given by destiny but to make that weakness your limit is decided by your mind.

And Remember:


Rahul Bhat

Rahul Bhat is Software Professional who by nature is a spiritual activist and has consumed many religious scriptures and believes in enlightening and healing people with his spiritual Midas touch.

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