Let Our Success be Scripted By Our Scriptures


Either you will get shocked or you might find me stupid, but you can’t just deny it that in this material world, everyone is obsessed with something and trying to claim things which are not even permanent, just to be happy and successful.

Example like money, relations, family, friends, love all these are meant to end with time. You can’t escape this truth that ‘nothing is permanent in this material world’.

Then why everyone is going crazy after things which will no longer be useful in long run.

The answer is indeed the hardest truth, you will ever encounter. We, humans, whether like it or not, are meant to serve. Yes! We are Servants.
We serve our family, friends, bosses, organization, society, country etc.
And nowadays who you don’t fit in any of the above scenarios, simply buys a pet(dog, cat etc) and start serving them by cleaning their shit.

In short, we are molded to be the servant. Then how can we be happy, even if we accept this fact?

The thing is we are trying to get happy by serving temporary material things which with time, lose their charm and expires.

And this is the solo reason of the society for being sad, tensed, disturbed and depressed.

To overcome this we need to serve some something who is eternal and gets more and more fascinating and charming with time. And we can find this everlasting entity in our scriptures.




We need to let go our ego and have to be submissive in order to claim our everlasting happiness, then only by surrender, we can be the servant of this eternal being.

This eternal being as revealed in the scriptures is the ultimate reservoir of pleasure and by being in his company we too can be free from all our miseries and can claim our true happiness provided we accept him as our master and serve him with all our faith and love.
Yes! This is all he wants from us(Faith and Sincere Love).
So, if anyone gets disturbed or confused, just turn your head towards your eternal master and the solution will be revealed to you.


and always remember:



This Post is Influenced by: Let our life’s script be shaped by scripture

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Mridul Koul

Mridul Koul is a successful software professional and the founder of Crazy4Success.com who genetically engraved with a great leadership quality. He has failed many times before claiming this identity by his disciplinary and passionate attempts and believes in helping and motivating people by his philanthropic Midas touch.

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