Understanding the Difference Between Inspiration and Manipulation

Well, all of us had a childhood superhero who used to impress us so much that we always wanted to act, feel, dress and smell like him. Isn’t it?

I too had one and that was none other than the hero of “Disney’s Arabian Night” i.e., “Aladin“. I was so crazy about him that I painted my room based on its theme. I even made my friends call me “Aladin” and God! whenever they call me by that name even in a sense of mocking me I feel like I have something different in me and these friends of mine, probably they don’t understand it now but they will for sure in near future.

But instead what happens was totally disastrous, I started to get more into the character day by day and losing my focus from studies which eventually became the reason of my sad fall that year.

But I guess this is a very much common syndrome in kids and teens and can happen to any kid out there. right?

Understand the Difference Between Inspiration and Manipulation

Now, imagine if the same would have happened to an adult of your age that you started feeling and acting like someone else whom you just met or had seen on telly forgetting all about yourself and started living in someone else realm/paranoia. Will that is a constructive or destructive option?

I guess that is a thing of discussion for many intellectuals out there. But if you ask me, I will go with “Destructive”. And why so? because it’s practically very dangerous that if you stop living your life as per your standards then one thing is for sure that sooner or later you will come back finding yourself with a dent in your life.  We should be mature enough to see this clearly that “why anyone should manipulate me by whatever he had achieved or done in his life?” as the same is definitely not going to repeat in my life because “Time, Place and Circumstances” differ from person to person.  We should understand that we all are blessed with our own individuality and should respect it and try to make most out of it by going through the standards that we set for ourselves.

Getting impressed from someone is not bad but trying to be like it is definitely hazardous and if we understand this small difference then I guess whatever time comes during our struggle, we can overcome it like we can set an example out of it and can become an inspirations for others.

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Mridul Koul

Mridul Koul is a successful software professional and the founder of Crazy4Success.com who genetically engraved with a great leadership quality. He has failed many times before claiming this identity by his disciplinary and passionate attempts and believes in helping and motivating people by his philanthropic Midas touch.

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